Ensuring that you have the right infrastructure and technology to protect your business is not enough. Making sure that all of your protection mechanisms are working properly and doing what their supposed to be doing is critical in protecting your business. SOCSoter Cybersecurity solutions are designed to ensure that you are compliant with industry regulations but go beyond by making sure your being effective.

Audit and consulting

If you have specific industry needs or need to design a new security program or enhance an existing one, our consultants can work with you to guide or even lead the process for you. We have trained, certified and professional consultants who will ensure your project is successful.

Incident Response

What you do at the time of a crisis can be a defining moment for your business. Companies are suffering data breaches everyday but, its their reaction to the event and action after the breach that a business is judged. Ensure you take the right steps to protect your customers, your data and your business.


Vulnerability Monitoring

New weaknesses in technology are being discovered every day and new technology gets installed at businesses all the time. To ensure vulnerabilities are not found, you need to consistently scan, test, and monitor all your systems. Regular reporting, analysis and action plans for remediation are critical to protecting your business from cyber threats.


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