Incident Response

In any incident, proper detection is paramount. In some instances, the detection of a compromise is simple and immediate. However, the detection of a more advanced attacker inside your network can be very difficult. Case studies have demonstrated the existence of intruders on computer networks for months and years without detection. Oftentimes when detected, it is by a third party rather than the organization itself.

Allow the experienced incident response analysts of SOCSoter to assist you in detecting intruders on your network. We leverage both public and private attack signatures to track down the most elusive attackers.




A key component of any incident is proper analysis. How can proper decisions be made without proper analysis? With detailed analysis from skilled incident responders, the needed information related to root-cause, remediation and future prevention are available to make proper decisions.

SOCSoter relies on experience with both security assessment and incident response to develop a comprehensive understanding of the incident to properly advise our clients.




Failing to properly remediate after an incident will greatly increase the opportunity that the breach continues or occurs again in the future. Without proper analysis to determine the details of the breach, an organization cannot proceed with confidence.

SOCSoter works with organizations in all sectors to properly remove the current threat and to assist in implementing technology and training to reduce the opportunity of the same attack occurring in the future.




SOCSoter staff has been on the front lines of countless breaches and has helped them all remediate and successfully recover. Through our experience we are able to leverage key relationships with law enforcement agencies to include the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigations as well as the Department of Defense. At the most critical time of need you need to rely not only on experts but individuals who have built key relationships within the industry and the protective services community.

Our Incident Response Services
We help you plan for security incidents before they happen, and we provide the help and expertise you need when they do occur.
Via our Rapid Response SOCSoter program, we help you prepare for computer security incidents.
We quickly contain incidents before they can spread and overwhelm resources or cause more damage.
We use our extensive security and forensic investigation experience to detect and confirm computer security incidents.
We eliminate the components that facilitated the incident, such as deleting malicious code and disabling breached accounts.
We perform a rapid initial analysis to determine an incident’s scope.
We provide expert reports to help you learn from the incident and improve your response in the event of a next time.
Incident Response services can be provided as an ongoing contractual services agreement or on an as needed basis. Contractual service packages are available based on needed response times and reduced rates for bulk hour purchases. Please contact your sales representative for more information and pricing.
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