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The FBI warns that healthcare companies are prime targets for hackers. The FDA cautions that medical devices need improved security and has released several guidance documents. Compliance regulations are getting more complex. Healthcare organizations need a smart cybersecurity protection strategy to improve their security posture before and attack, but also have a strong partner during, or after an attack occurs.

Breach Detection with SOCSoter

Patient information is valuable because of its a rich resource of identity and medical information that is not or can not ever be changed.  Patient data may also contain financial information such as credit card numbers and family health history information. Well-organized criminals will seize the opportunity to steal it. Such attacks are targeted. They are lucrative, and they are devastating for patients. So you need to protect against gaps in your security.

The FDA recently raised many concerns and is taking an active approach about medical device security risks. Recently the FDA has made a stance that Medical Device security is a safety and quality issue.  Due to age and their longevity in operation, many medical devices can create cybersecurity weaknesses in healthcare networks. SOCSoter solutions can help monitor your network and protect against the exploitation of network-attached medical devices.

With SOCSoter you can:

  • Strengthen security with threat discovery, containment, and incident Response.
  • Reduce management complexity with proactive planning
  • Monitor your network for signs of attack.
  • Secure your Data, Endpoints, and Mobile Devices

Healthcare organizations have many different endpoints, mobile devices, and an evolving “Internet of Things” connected to their networks. The best protection for this wide range of devices is one that focuses on user and device behavior. By managing your inventory and using a multi-layered security approach for maintaining devices for any user, with any device, using any application, in virtually any environment is one of you best defenses.

With SOCSoter you can:

  • Lower endpoint infection rates.
  • Protect against viruses and cybercriminals without affecting performance.
  • Deliver industry-best protection for your most sensitive data.
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