Manufacturers have complex supply chains. The data that is of most value includes intellectual property on patents, designs and formulas. Additionally manufacturers regularly have access to other suppliers’ systems as well as customers’ networks.manu1
Furthermore, manufacturers are just beginning to harness machine-to-machine systems, mobile apps and cloud-based services. At the same time, corporations worldwide are challenged with securing these growing connections in a rapidly changing threat environment.

With SOCSoter you can:

  • Strengthen security with threat discovery, containment, and incident Response.
  • Reduce management complexity with proactive planning
  • Monitor your network for signs of attack.
  • Secure your Data, Endpoints, and Mobile Devices

Threats such as espionage groups, global organized crime groups and dishonest employees are looking for vulnerabilities across the manufacturing enterprise. At stake are industrial control systems, sensitive customer information, product data and specifications.
Manufacturers need to balance safety, quality, standards and compliance with regulations as part of everyday operations. Secure handling and transmission of data is critical to minimize the vulnerability of critical Intellectual Property to outside threats.


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