Advanced Threat Detection

Advance Threat Detection provides additional threat feeds for those companies looking for additional or industry specific protection. Feeds are pushed to our device hourly. We take all this threat data, manipulate the information to weed out duplicates, age out old indicators, and consolidate into specific feeds. We have four different feed streams.

  1. Open Source: we subscribe to 35 different sources; each source contains thousands of different indicators.*
  2. Internal: Indicators we generate from the devices we monitor.
  3. Proprietary: Feeds we pay for that are industry specific.
  4. Industry: Industry intelligence sharing groups such as Information Sharing Analysis Organizations (ISAO) and Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) as well as state and federal intelligence sources.

This allows SOCSoter to increase the visibility into a potential attack or detect a leading indicator of malicious actions faster and more accurate than other technology.

Advanced Threat Detection Service continually monitors a network for unusual trends or behaviors, offering an extremely cost effective boost to a traditional small to mid sized businesses cybersecurity program.

Watch the video below to see what could happen to your business without SOCSoter Advanced Threat Detection.

Do I need Advanced Threat Detection?

Hackers consistently prove to be smarter and more agile than all the antivirus software vendors. Of the all the major vendors of antivirus software, statistics have shown that much of the newly detected malware that was caught by a single vendor went undetected by approximately half of all the other antivirus software vendors. Even after 2 months of daily and even hourly updates, one third of the antivirus software companies failed to detect many of the latest malware on the Internet. Add to the fact that most small to medium sized businesses lack the resources to ensure antivirus is consistently up to date, the chance of contracting a malicious virus causing damage and downtime is extremely high. Making matters even worse, modern attacks on small businesses are not always malware related. The old school of thought relating to the installation of antivirus software and “I am protected” is all but gone. The traditional antivirus approach based around a database of known malware is no longer an effective method to protect a system. Rather, new techniques such as the Advanced Threat Detection from SOCSoter needed to be developed to fight these new threats.

*Examples of indicators: IP addresses, web domains, email addresses, host names, URL’s, user agent strings, etc.
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