Comprehensive Cybersecurity Platform for SMBs

That’s SOCSoter.

Network. Cloud. Endpoint. Vulnerability. Compliance.

SOCSoter is a complete, ready-to-deploy cybersecurity platform built specifically for small to mid-sized companies. Managed security backed by a US-based, around-the-clock Security Operations Center (SOC).

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
The most advanced threat detection and response available today!

SOCSoter cybersecurity for MSPs includes: Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Managed Cloud Monitoring, Vulnerability Management, Compliance Services and much, much more. With human and machine analysis, we provide 24/7 monitoring and detection, rapid investigation and mitigation, and expert threat identification and hunting.

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The Best Cybersecurity for SMBs

Learn more about how our SOLUTIONS monitor, detect and respond to cyberattacks before they impact your business.

Find the Right Capabilities for Your Customer

Now MSPs can bring enterprise-level security to their SMB clients!

*Multi site pricing available

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

In order to detect systems being attacked or misused and external of your network in real time, we deploy a team of trained and certified security engineers. Reviews are conducted in real time by expert analysts through our state-of-the-art, 24/7 Managed Security Operations Center located in the U.S.

  • Detects Malicious Behavior & Inappropriate Activity
  • Automated Threat Intel
  • Backed by a US-Based SOC,24/7
  • Centralized User Portal
  • Incident Response
  • Attack Surface Monitoring
  • Secure Asset Discovery & Management System
  • Human Correlation by Certified U.S. Based SOC
Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring

SOCSoter’s Managed Cloud SIEM solution affords service providers greater visibility and 24/7 security operations monitoring over the cloud platforms most actively deployed in SMB environments.

  • Single Point of Access
  • Unlimited API Use for One Low Price
  • SOC-Managed24/7
  • User & Network Threat Monitoring
  • Reports, Dashboards & a Centralized Portal System
  • Remote Work Strategy
  • Integrate with Microsoft 365/Azure
Secure Laptop

Endpoint Protection

Our agent-based EDR provides visibility to the SOC, allowing threat mitigation in real time. Going beyond traditional Anti-Virus, EDR detects anomalous behavior and malicious activity on the device.

  • Serverless Infrastructure
  • Lightweight Agent
  • Supports Windows (64/32), Linux (64/32) & Mac
  • Suspend/Kill Poorly Behaving or Malicious Processes
  • Enable Automatic or Manual Isolation of Infected Systems
  • SOC-Managed & Curated Compromise Indicators
Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

Always on VMS has the ability to alert vulnerability in real time on production networks with low network utilization and no impact to the assets on them. Rather than scheduling or configuring scans, regular network inventory highlights all new assets and adjusts the scanning based on availability.

  • Virtually Invisible to End User
  • Full Scan: Fingerprinting, Unauthenticated Scans, & if Configured, Authenticated Scans
  • OVAL Based Approach
  • Credential Scanning
  • No Need to Sync / Update Definitions
  • Version 3.0 Compliant
  • Industry Standard CVSS Scoring
  • Central Location for Managing VMS Service
Compliance Services

Compliance Services

Compliance is a growing concern for MSPs and their SMB customers. We offer continuous monitoring, advanced threat detection and vulnerability assessments. We are CMMC-AB Certified Third-Party Assessor Organization (C3PAO) candidate with CMMC-AB Registered Practitioners (RP) on staff to ensure business are compliant with necessary industry regulations.

  • Detects Malicious Activity
  • Vulnerability Management / Penetration Testing
  • C3PAO Candidate
  • CMMC-AB Registered Practitioners (RP) on Staff
  • Compliance Monitoring & Reports
  • Managed Endpoint Protection
  • All Employees are US citizens with Extensive Background Checks

Protect your SMB customers and make cybersecurity part of a winning sales strategy!


Find the RightCapabilities for Your Customer

Now MSPs can bring enterprise-level security to their SMB clients!
*Multi site pricing available.


Managed Detection & Response/SOC-SIEM

  • Detect malicious activity
  • 24/7, US-Based SOC
  • Secure Asset Managment

Add-On Services


Managed Cloud SIEM

  • Unlimited API use, one price
  • User and network threat monitoring
  • 24/7/365 SOC-managed

Add-On Services


Endpoint Detection & Response

  • Serverless infrastructure
  • Supports Windows (64/32), Linux (64/32), Mac
  • SOC-managed and curated

Add-On Services


Monitor, Log and Report

  • Detect malicious activity
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Compliance monitoring and reports
  • Managed endpoint protection

Add-On Services

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