Complete MSP Cybersecurity Platform

That’s SOCSoter.

Looking for a complete platform to plug security holes in your client’s network?

No need to look any further.  SOCSoter IS a complete MSP cybersecurity platform.

The Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution from SOCSoter is backed by an actual, US-based, around-the-clock Security Operations Center (SOC).  You’ve read that correctly!  SOCSoter is a complete, ready-to-deploy cybersecurity platform built specifically for small to mid-sized companies.

What is more, SOCSoter is a cost-effective network and cloud security solution working exclusively in the channel.  As a result, we offer unmatched value with a complete platform that includes:  Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Managed Cloud Monitoring, Vulnerability Scanning, Compliance Services and much, much more.

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Complete Coverage On All Systems

Learn more about how our SOLUTIONS monitor, detect and respond to Cyberattacks before they impact your business.

Intelligent CyberDefense

In order to detect systems being attacked or misused on your network in real time, we deploy a team of trained and certified security engineers who work around the clock to evaluate and respond to alerts.

Advanced Threat Detection

Emerging threats require an intelligent defense. Reviews are conducted by expert analysts through our state-of-the-art, 24/7 Managed Security Operations Center located in the U.S.

Compliance Monitoring

Continuous monitoring, advanced threat detection and vulnerability assessments set the standard for our Compliance package. Our platform and reporting output provide coverage in areas where a typical business would otherwise be exposed to cyber threats and therefore, financial and legal liability.

Managed Endpoint Protection

Advanced persistent threats never rest.  Bad actors are constantly developing increasingly sophisticated attacks. Our Managed Endpoint Protection safeguards against today’s most critical vulnerabilities.

Learn more about how SOCSoter’s ready-to-deploy managed detection and response platform can help protect your customers.


Find the RightCapabilities for Your Customer

It’s simple – just decide how many users you need to protect.
*Multi site pricing available.


Security Incident and Event Management

  • Detect malicious activity
  • Comply with industry
  • Complete concierge security service

Add-On Services


Endpoint Detection Response

  • Serverless infrastructure
  • Supports Windows (64/32), Linux (64/32), Mac
  • SOC managed and curated

Add-On Services


Vulnerability Monitoring Service

  • Fully authenticated scans
  • Detailed list of vulnerabilities
  • Customizable scan frequency

Add-On Services



  • Detect malicious activity
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Compliance monitoring and reports
  • Managed endpoint protection

Add-On Services

Need to cover more users?

We offer larger packages and amazing add-on services on our Packages page.

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